Curandero Dr Ruben Orellana, tanspersonal-psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis and shamanic practitioner Leandro D’Andrea bring their expertise and knowledge of Shamanic healing to help their clients on the path to health, well being, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. The practitioners work on behalf of the client using a variety of techniques to remove blocks and life obstacles at source, thereby restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit from disharmony to harmony. The work helps their clients to gain an understanding of how to deal with the problems of everyday life and explore a higher level of consciousness, increasing their awareness of self and of others. The client may find the energy to make new choices and decisions in their lives, to overcome restricting fears, patterns and habits and find great relief in sharing their personal crisis or issues with the practitioners. All sessions are confidential.


we offer

Integrative therapy, spirit release work, distant healing, dream work, understanding death & dying, divination, rituals and ceremonies, medicine plant aftercare, power animal work, past life regression and herbal plants lotions (when appropriate for healing)

Our relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance to us.
We are here to serve you on your journey to creating a life you love and it is our honour to do so.





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The majority of individual sessions in London are held by Michele Costa Lukis and Leandro D’Andrea.

They work on the clients behalf with Spirit by becoming a ‘hollow reed’ or a ‘hollow bone’ to retrieve information and are directed and guided to use various Shamanic techniques on behalf of the client for healing. These techniques may include the following:


The Shamanic practitioner works with Spirit to remove intrusions which have upset the balance of harmony within the client. This is done by removing energy blocks and unwanted intrusions that the Shamanic practitioner is allowed to see during the session. In essence it is a clearing of the client’s energetic field to allow space for the further work to restore realignment with harmony. Extraction is the starting point for every client. The further work might include the following:


This work is undertaken by the Shamanic Practitioner to find the parts of the soul that have split during a crisis in the client’s life. The fragment that is brought back through the journey of ‘soul retrieving’ is of a transpersonal nature. It is not the wound that we bring back, it is the part that had to go into hiding in order to survive. This may be from the client’s current or past life. With the retrieval of these ‘lost parts’ the gifts of creativity, joy, enthusiasm, optimism and faith among many other previously inaccessible qualities may be reinstated. Many clients feel a stronger sense of self and an answer to the question ‘who am I?’ as they are restored to their full potential. For more information on ‘soul retrieval’ see Sandra Ingerman or Michael Harner’s works.


Power animals are our spirit allies which appear to the Shamanic practitioner as they journey on behalf of the client. The animal which presents itself is dependent on the client’s particular needs and bonds with the client to offer guidance and wisdom.The animal may become a mentor or protector for the client during a crisis or remain with them through out their life. When a power animal is retrieved for a client, the qualities of their particular animal are then accessible for the client to call on. For instance, a woman of the eagle is given super vision – i.e she is able to look at an issue with greater perspective.


On behalf of the client and only with permission a journey is taken into a non-ordinary reality to gain insight and knowledge that help us  answer questions a client may have.  The shamanic practitioner (or Cuendero) uses various shamanic divination techniques in order to receive information and guidance from Spirits.  In Peru these techniques may include the use of the plant allies, in particular San Pedro, animal spirits and spirit guides. In London we use the plant spirits that are native to the U.K., animal spirits, spirit guides and teachers, crystals and the Akashic records. The reading of energy is possible once we enter through various portholes or gateways to the Cosmic Web.  Everything is connected through this energetic web as we are all reflections of the great whole. It is by working with the gateways, vortexes and portholes of the Cosmic Web that the practitioner is allowed to gather information through visions and signs.   Dream time is also another gateway to receive answers. The divination reading is not about future events as we are a species with free will (so the exact shape of future is in our hands).


The rhythm created by the shamanic drum and rattle enable the healer to journey on behalf of the client. This rhythmic beat is a way of entering a trance like state to allow the shamanic practitioner to open up to Spirit, while still being grounded in the healing work. The use of the rattle and the drum along with ancient bells and other instruments are a vital part of the healers tools.


The shamanic practitioners may also use their voices in shamanic song. The songs or “icaros”, are invocations and prayers for healing. The hypnotic sounds are also sung or chanted in plant ceremonies as an organic relationship is built with the medicine plants. These songs may be handed down through the generations of healers from teacher to student as if they were lullabies, or they are given by Spirit to the shamanic healer as a tool to work with.

There is also a tradition that the plants themselves gave the healer the song. The songs are given to the curenderos to see in the dark, to bridge to the plant medicine, to feel and be shown visions. The songs allow the shaman to “walk between worlds”.

The healers use the sounds of the drum, rattle, bells, silvido and singing (ikaros) relaxing you into a trance-like state with the potential to awaken deep memory, which is relaxing, transporting you to the mother’s uterus.



All sessions are confidential.

The session work is conducted in stages. Permission is asked by the shamanic healer to conduct a divination for the client before their first session. We do not charge for this time or the shamanic journey that we have taken on the client’s behalf.

The second stage is meeting with the client which may be face to face or by distance in the case of distant healing. The client and the healer sit down and explore the crises or issues that has lead the client to seek healing. During this stage the healer is already working with the client’s material and gathering information by client and Spirit that may be of benefit to the healing process.

In the third stage the healer undertakes a shamanic journey on behalf of the client. This stage is when the shamanic practitioner ’empties themselves out’ to become what is often referred to as a hollow reed or hollow bone and enters a meditative state of consciousness. The shamanic healer goes beyond this middle world, beyond ego and creates the space for Spirit to conduct the healing. The client does not have to do anything at this stage. Sometimes they may have their own visions or journey, and sometimes it is just a moment of relaxation.

The forth stage of the shamanic session is when the shamanic practitioner shares the story of the journey and the information gathered on the clients behalf. The practitioner may draw the vision, or tell the client what was shown to them. Often this stage is similar to understanding the meaning of a dream, for shamanic work is often shown in stories and metaphors. By looking closely at the material of the journey, the practitioner and client unpack the information and find the meaning of the journey. During this time the healer may say which power animal appeared, or explain the ‘soul retrieval’ among other information.



Transpersonal-psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner, Michele Costa Lukis offers support and guidance for those who have worked with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin and other medicine plants.

After participating in power plant ceremonies there needs to be time for the seeker to reflect on the experience of working with our plant allies. The individual may have returned from participating in plant ceremonies held in other countries and the experience of returning from the ceremonies without support may be hard to process. We call this phase of meeting our plant allies “re-entry”.

With understanding, support, emotional safety, confidentiality and guidance, the re-entry may be a vital element in the seeker’s healing and understanding of their personal transformation. If you have questions or need help during your re-entry, please feel free to contact Michele, a trained transpersonal-psychotherapist and medicine woman who has worked with plant medicine for over 20 years.




The first session is a minimum of two hours. I may go over as I work within a Spirit driven session until the work is done. I only charge for the first two hours and if I run overtime there is no extra charge. I am of the old school of healing – that is, if a person is in need I try to work within their budget to offer them a healing. I have a limited number of spaces for those going through financial difficulties, retirement or unemployment.

The sessions are booked one at a time and I charge £70 per hour.

I try to keep the number of sessions down to what is needed for the individual client and there is no obligation to book a certain number of sessions in advance. Please note, if you cancel a session after 24 hours notice there will be a charge of £30.

A percentage of the profits generated by this site are donated to Survival, “The global movement for tribal peoples rights.”  

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All sessions are held in Brockley, london SE4 1QA

“Shamanic Space are in my opinion the best platform for this type of work in the world and Ruben, Leandro and Michele are incredible teachers, healers and some of the most beautiful, compassionate people I've ever met. Time after time they've created safe and authentic spaces to do deep healing work whilst being held and supported through the process. I owe so much to them and their continuing excellence as Shamanic practitioners and cannot recommend them more highly.”
“My experience with Michele has had a profound effect on my mental, spiritual and physical health. Through her Shamanic work, Reiki, her deep wisdom of spirit and the guides she works with, I have experienced remarkable healing and have reached a happier and more conscious state of being, which has improved my life and those around me. At the end of every session, I feel a serenity, strength, consciousness and awareness. Ultimately Michele’s work comes from a place of love and light which I experience and I take with me into my daily life. I highly recommend her sessions.”
“My encounter with Rubén has been the most natural and fulfilling experience. Since the very first time I saw him, I immediately trusted him, I felt at home. His presence was powerful and yet very comforting and reassuring. He guided me through my inner journey with wisdom and love just like a father would! And, to top it all off, we laughed like crazy all the way as he has a cracking sense of humour!!”



Once a year in March, Dr Ruben Orellana, Curandero (Shaman) and former Chief Archaeologist of Machu Picchu, joins us from his home in Peru to hold a workshop on the healing techniques of Andean Healing. During his time in London, Ruben offers a limited number of one hour individual healing sessions. If interested we advise booking early as these sessions tend to go quickly. Keep an eye on our newsletter for dates.




A unique two-day workshop exploring the techniques of Andean healing with Curandero, Archaeologist and Antrapologist Dr Rubén Orellana