6th - 23rd MARCH 2020


Delve further into the wilderness, climb mountains, scramble through the bush, raft on the rivers, surf the beaches, forage and fish with locals and build your own bonfires in this ancient, majestic land.

Curated and led by Core Shamanic Practitioner, wilderness guide and Kiwi Leandro D’Andrea, the Wildman Journey works to connect you to the natural world by immersing you in the stunning landscapes of the North Island on this challenging, rewarding and unique journey.




Harae Mae, Harae Mae, Harae Mae... Welcome, welcome, welcome...

After being greeted and blessed by local elders, you will travel on a physically demanding 18 day adventure bringing you back in touch with nature and yourself. Days will be filled with adventure activities including kayaking, horse riding and mountain climbing with evenings focused on shamanic work to discover different aspects of your masculinity. This unique combination will give you the tools to live a life of purpose, power and passion. You will face your shadows and rejoice in your light while building a bond of brotherhood with your fellow wild men. We will learn these lessons through Maori lore, legends and healing as well as the constant communication between yourself and Papatuanuku (Mother Nature).

New Zealand is the perfect setting for this spiritual journey, with its epic untouched scenery and the reawakening of ecological consciousness. The Whanganui River (which we will canoe down, led by local Iwi, tribe members) has recently been recognized legally as an entity within its own right, giving the beautiful Awa (River) the same protection and rights enjoyed by humans. Everywhere New Zealanders are finding a deeper, more profound link to the land and Maori are reclaiming their rich culture, beliefs and practices, all tied to a symbiotic relationship to the land. This link helps remind us of mother nature’s limitless bounty, that everything we need is all around us if we know how to look and what we are looking at, and most importantly as we are nature, that everything we need is already inside of us, there is no need for fear only to revel in the beauty of life and all it has to offer.

At Sol’s beautiful retreat Waimana, you will unearth the different aspects of your masculinity: the importance of being nurturing Lovers; Warriors with purpose;  Mystics with authentic spiritual connections; being strong positive leaders as Kings, and most importantly; being able to call on that deep buried wild man in all of you that will give you energy, protection, purpose and drive.

To be part of this transformational journey you need an adventurous spirit, a good level of fitness and an openness to spirit work.

Tour groups are maintained at low numbers to truly focus on the team building and community aspects that are integral to The Wildman Journey.

"To write about the Wildman journey is a hard one as it's so varied and multifaceted and keeps on giving. The slogan version is - JUST DO IT. The summary version is - GO with an open mind / heart, GIVE in completely to the experience, COME out with a new VISION. To me the Wildman journey was an important part in my ongoing journey. Meeting my fellow travel mates was a gift. I went in with little expectation except to try and experience everything with as much awareness as possible. How do I put in words as the different opportunities that Leandro had provided me?? Was it easy, NO and I am glad for it. It was the challenging moments that helped me see myself and areas that needed seeing and working with. I could go on an on but it would just be my take on something so big, fluid and variable that it is not repeatable….. All I can advise anyone even thinking about it, is stop thinking and just do it. It will be one of the most important things you could gift yourself. Light and love,"


“In these busy, modern times it’s easy to feel lost, powerless and displaced, uncertain of our role or unable to find a sense of happiness and direction. My aim is to empower and heal people while bringing them back in harmony with nature.”


Born and raised in New Zealand, surrounded by the ancient and inspiring beauty that is Tongariro National Park, Leandro shares his core Shamanic teachings in a form that is respectful of all practitioners and cultures, taking a universal approach that is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Harner.

Apprenticed in Peruvian Shamanism to Maestro of San Pedro, Rubén Orellana, Leandro has been working and learning to brew traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the high country of Peru. He studies Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust and for the past five years, has worked alongside psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner, Michele Costa Lukis offering individual healings.

In London, Leandro holds weekly men’s groups for personal empowerment and leads shamanic walks of consciousness through the woodlands of the UK. Leandro guides the Wild Man Journey, drawing on his expertise as a scout, shamanic practitioner, chef, men's group facilitator and wilderness guide. 

"It's been an two amazing weeks and for anyone thinking about joining this trip I would througly recommend it. It pushes your mind, it pushes your spirit and it definately pushes your body. New Zealand's North Island is a phenominal place to visit and we go off the beaten track to visit places very few people ever get to see. I have no hesitation in recommending to get the money down, get on the plane, come and join the team and explore your own wild man."
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“A spiritual journey and adventure through this wonderful, beautiful land...an incredible journey through incredible landscapes meeting wonderful people. Away from the day to day grind of daily life gives you the oportunity to dig deep. I whole heartedly recommend this tour, it's been a great experience.”


  • White water rafting down the Rangitikei River

  • Horse Trekking along sandy beaches and down ancient warrior pathways

  • Building and cooking on bonfires in the outdoors

  • Sleeping under the stars

  • Blessings from local Elders/Kaumatua

  • Sea Kayaking along the picturesque Bay of Islands

  • Climbing the sacred mountains of Taranaki and Pirongia

  • Romi Romi and Miri Miri Maori healing session held by local healers.

  • Surfing on the wild Raglan coast

  • Abseiling & Black water rafting through underground Caverns

  • Hiking through the native bush

  • Night walks lit by glow worms through Kauri Forest

  • Meeting Tane Mahuta (The King of the Forest)

  • Lineage work with local Maori

  • Walking the Tongariro Crossing in beautiful National Park Territory

  • Extractions and Power Animal retrievals with Leandro D’Andrea

  • Canoe along the Whanganui River and staying overnight at marae (Maori meeting house)

  • All accommodation - a combination of hotels and tents

* Please note the fee does NOT include flights to and from New Zealand, personal travel insurance, airport tax or personal spending.



This exclusive tour is limited to 8 places.



The cost is based on 18 days and 17 nights.