16th NOVEMBER - 2nd DECEMBER 2019


“Whatever I go or whatever I do, the experience will always remain in my heart.”

Lead by Internationally renowned Archaeologist, Curandero and Maestro of Wachuma Dr Rubén Orellana and psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis, we are honoured to offer an authentic experience of Peru and its sacred plant medicines. This unique tour of Peru’s sacred sites including Machu Picchu allows a small group to experience the profound healing properties of ayahuasca and San Pedro in safe, supported and traditional ceremonies. We have offered this exclusive tour twice a year for the last fifteen years to a small group of individuals interested in working with medicine plants, exploring the archaeological sites of Peru and immersing themselves in the history and culture of this beautiful land.




Explore Machu Picchu, swim in the Amazon river, participate in traditional ayahuasca and wachuma ceremonies, absorb the culture of the Incas and meet local healers in this unique journey of Peru.

From the moment you arrive in Peru all details will be taken care of allowing you to truly relax and connect with your own spiritual path. Michele and Rubén will be with you each day offering support when needed to every member of the group. Small groups of no more than 14 are maintained to create a sense of community and to allow for more individual attention.

Our journey begins in Lima where we will fly into Cusco, to stay in the Sacred Valley and work with San Pedro on sacred sites. Rubén will lead a private tour of Machu Picchu sharing his knowledge of the site accumulated over his time of twenty-two years as its Chief Archaeologist.

 Following our time in the highlands, we will travel to Iquitos and into the jungle.  In the Amazon Jungle we offer Ayahuasca ceremonies for those who wish to work with the plant medicine brewed by ayahuasquero Don M with who we have worked for over 15 years. Continuing to the coast, we will hold a San Pedro ceremony at the site of the pre Inca pyramids before travelling north to a small farming community to work with a 7th generation San Pedro mesa healer.  




Our one of a kind retreat is designed to introduce you to the ancient ceremonies that have survived the test of time, showcasing the healing arts of the Andes and the Amazon, helping you to grow spiritually in a safe and supported environment.

As the popularity of medicine plants rises bringing more and more people to the jungle and highlands of Peru, we have designed a journey working with the plants in the traditional manner whilst remaining off the beaten track. From the Amazon to the highlands of Peru, we offer the opportunity to explore the profound healing benefits of ayahuasca and wachuma in small, traditional ceremonies held by Curanderos and Ayahuasqueros of authentic lineages with whom we have worked for over 15 years. We offer these ceremonies for the purposes of self-exploration, raising of consciousness and healing and any who journey with us should bear this in mind. We understand that in a time of high technology these power plants can aid people in confronting and repairing their place in this fast-paced modern world.

Please note that the option to work with the plants is completely up to each individual on the tour. Some prefer to explore the healing arts of Peru and its archaeological sites without ingesting the brew. Everyone is welcome to participate in the plant medicine ceremonies without drinking the medicine.

Safety during ceremony and providing aftercare is our first priority. For this reason we maintain small groups of no more than 14 individuals and work only with healers we have known for many years. If you decide to join us we would need to ask you a few personal questions regarding your medical history so we hope you don't mind. We ask these questions for your own safety should you decide to work with the medicine plants. 






True knowledge of Andean civilization, its history, culture, practices and ceremonies takes a lifetime of dedication and research. None know this better than your personal guide for this once in a lifetime experience, Dr Rubén Orellana, a Native Andean Curandero who held the title of Chief Archaeologist of Machu Picchu for over 25 years where he is credited with the discovery of forty-four new sites around the crystal city.

Having majored in chemistry and social sciences, Rubén is an expert on the historical and contemporary aspects of San Pedro shamanism and healing in Peru. It is his honour to share this knowledge with you.

In addition to his academic credentials as an archaeologist and anthropologist, Dr Orellana is a practicing shaman himself having studied with the healers or Paqo (Shaman) of the Andes from the age of seven. Ruben’s knowledge of how to prepare the seventy-nine varieties of San Pedro has been passed down to him through generations of Andean Curanderos and from the plant itself. Rubén is considered a maestro and has been holding ceremonies since 1976 with an unblemished record.



Rubén is joined by psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis who brings her expertise of 25 years as a transpersonal-psychotherapist and medicine woman. She has spent over forty years studying spiritual and psychological healing, including the study of Shamanic traditions from around the world. Her work has lead her to study with indigenous healers in North America, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Australia and Fiji.

Michele is actively involved in providing Ayahuasca and other medicine plant aftercare and is committed to helping people to integrate and process their experience of the medicines. With the help of Rubén, Michele works to bridge her clients with the indigenous wisdom keepers of Peru.

Rubén and Michele are joined by local healers, ayahuasqueros and curanderos with whom they have worked for over 15 years.

“Having been a strictly independent explorer in the past, I did have my reservations about suddenly becoming part of an organised travel expedition, having to play nicely with other children, act according to (choke) itinerary, and shock horror – make small talk (at least in the UK we can always fall back on the weather idiosyncrasies… in Peru, well, how many times can you say, ‘Es otro día soleado’ without losing the will to live?). As ever, this spoke more about me than anyone else. In reality, Michele and Ruben proved to be the most kindly, generous, knowledgeable, as well as knowing, hosts that I would trust with pretty much all things, including my life. Which, on some crucial level, is exactly what I did, and they were there for me, every time. And as for the rest of our group, suffice to say that heart connections allow precious little room for small talk, but plenty of room for laughter, love and pure, unadulterated joy. So… when do we go back?”
“It is difficult to express how this magical trip affected me. I was anxious, unconfident, closed off and somehow judgemental person when I arrived in Peru. From the first day I began my transformation journey and now I am not the same person. I credit these changes to Ruben & Michele who so well organised the trip, all other loving people who supported us during the journey and other fantastic people in our 12 persons group. I only now realised how sceptical I was about the healing qualities of the medicine plants. I have healed and enlightened. For the first time in my life I discovered my spirit, I now feel MYSELF. I finally feel what love and trust is! (I also noticed that a glass I had in my foot for 4 years disappeared!). I’m also aware that there is more work I need to do and Ruben & Michele are definitely the best guys to do it with. After the experience, I now understand how important is to take part in ceremonies with trusted people. Whereever I go, whatever I do, the experience will always remain in my heart. If everyone in the world would have the opportunity to experience what we did, the world would be a much better place!”


  • Experience the true shamanic culture of The Andes under the guidance of Dr Ruben Orellana - archaeologist, anthropologist, Maestro of San Pedro and a leading authority on Peruvian and Andean culture and Michele Costa Lukis, Shamanic practitioner and Transpersonal Psychotherapist

  • Work with the profound healing medicine plant Ayahuasca in two traditional ceremonies held by a highly trained and sought after Ayahuascero in the Amazon Jungle. All ceremonies are facilitated by a number of healers including Michele and Ruben for a group of no more than 14 individuals.

  • Participate in two traditional San Pedro Ceremonies brewed by Maestro Ruben Orellana who has been conducting ceremonies since 1976

  • Processing and integration circles following ceremonies with trained psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis and curandero Dr Ruben Orellana

  • Traditional ceremonies of detoxification including water and sound ceremonies with some of the most masterful healers in Peru

  • Two day entry tickets to explore the sacred site of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a private tour lead by Ruben, the former Chief Archaeologist of Machu Picchu for over 20 years, credited with discovering 40 sites around the Crystal City, including the North Inca Trail

  • Option to climb Huayna Picchu Mountain

  • Swim in the longest river in the world, The Amazon and spot the unique Pink Dolphins

  • Explore numerous other sacred sites including Killa Rumiyoq, Pisac, Chan Chan, El Brujo, Túcume and the Royal Tombs and experience the powerful energies of the vortexes and ley lines upon which the archaeological sites have been built

  • Take a night canoe down the Amazon to see the Southern Cross

  • Visit the native community of Yaguas and observe their traditions

  • Learn the tradition of a “Mesa” (Altar) of Curanderos of the north coast of Peru

  • Private use of hot springs and water ceremony under the stars

  • Explore the areas of Lima, Cusco, Iquitos and Trujillo

  • Enjoy the specialties of Peruvian cuisine, its music and nightlife

  • Explore the markets of the healers and craftsmen

  • Accommodation in Peruvian owned hotels and retreat centres

  • All meals listed on the itinerary

  • All internal transportation including private buses, boats and trains

  • All tickets to archaeological sites including two visits to Machu Picchu

  • Transfers to and from the airport

* Please note the fee does NOT include flights to and from Peru, internal flights, personal travel insurance, airport tax, personal spending, alcohol and other beverages.



This exclusive tour is limited to 14 places.

SHARED ROOM                             $4,095 USD

SINGLE ROOM                                $4,738 USD

The cost is based on 17 days and 16 nights.

Please note the price per person is in American dollars.