The trip organised by Michele and Ruben was truly a gem. It was my first Ayahuasca experience and I hope not the last with them. I was in a small group with whom I have truly bonded. Michele and Ruben are truly dedicated to the sacred tradition and I felt safe and nurtured during our San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies. It was just amazing.

I must say that my experience with San Pedro and Ayahuasca was beyond what I imagined, very beautiful, life-changing. Everything was thoroughly thought of, our stay in the many different accommodations, each of them carefully chosen to heighten our experience in Peru. The amazing variety of food in the restaurants chosen and the atmosphere created could only bring magic to the trip. Each day was filled with discoveries of sites, history, knowledge. I felt bathed in love for the whole duration.

It was very well organised. I am very grateful for the experience I had with them, for all the details of the planning of the trip, for all the care that they put in making sure that each of us had an amazing, loving experience... It really was worth every penny. Thank you Michele and Ruben for what you created.
I will do it again soon.
— David, Peru
An adventure of a life-time, from the locally-guided tours of the Amazon, Machu Picchu and Urubama to the rich archaeological knowledge shared by Ruben.
Meeting indigenous Paco (Shamans) and being welcomed into their ceremonies with love, openness and warmth.

The entire trip was wrapped in a sense of warmth, love and healing… beautiful people, friendly smiling faces and stunning scenery at every corner. Coming home I have never felt so recharged and reinvigorated by a holiday… this tour was so much more than a vacation… It was a true journeyman’s adventure of body, mind and soul in every sense of the word, thank you so much Michele.
— Leandro, Peru
A genuine, authentic approach to the most sacred of skill sets. I couldn’t recommend Ruben, Michele or Leandro enough.
- Highly recommended!
— JP
PERU!!! I can only begin by saying it has been the most enriching experience in my life so far! Carefully and safely arranged by Michele who herself was able to create a very special atmosphere, holding a wonderful space of harmony allowing all of us to experience and connect to the energy of the universe, pure love!!!

A true journey to the source, a path to self-discovery and acceptance, a great opportunity to look at life from a whole different perspective. From the wonders of the jungle to the mighty mountains of Macchu Picchu, there has not been a moment where I had the slightest feeling of disappointment. A positively intense journey where I personally felt I had no time to think about anything else but being there, being present.

Historically, archaeologically and culturally breathtaking, Peru overflows with beauty offering a vast variety of landscapes, natural scenery and fauna. We had the luxury to explore it all under the guidance of Ruben a very successful, knowledgeable archaeologist and healer whose approach to his cultural background is outwardly, constantly working with us and on us. His presence has been most reassuring and healing, a great father to us all.

I am ever so thankful to Michele for offering me the opportunity to take part to this fantastic trip that for me it has been like tiptoeing into a new world a new level of consciousness and I will always be grateful to her, to Peru and all the amazing people I’ve met on the trip. I’ll definitely be going back next year for more… can’t wait!!!! love you!!!!!!!
— Michele P

“This magical trip changed me. I’m still me. I’m just a different me. I went with an open mind and I got everything out of this trip that I wanted (and more). Without a doubt I will return.”


I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve helped me change my life. I feel very lucky to have you as my guide on this exciting journey. Thank you, your student.
— Joan
When you arrive in Peru to Oscar’s warm smile, it’s like being wrapped up in a warm, baby alpaca blanket. He’s the starting point of endless sunny smiles and welcoming arms throughout the trip that make you feel safe, warm and happy. From Pepe in Cuzco; the gorgeous staff at Urubamba; Victor in the jungle and Ruben and Michele (pretty much everywhere), the people you’re surrounded with let you just enjoy whatever it is you’ve gone to Peru to do. They look after the rest.

Ruben’s retreat in Urubamba is divine. It’s a beautiful oasis, hidden behind a wall from the dusty street outside where tired dogs roam and streetlights are dim. There’s a hammock construction in the garden, which just epitomises total communal bliss. Team the group hammock with the eucalyptus steam room, the incredible food, super friendly staff and your first couple of ceremonies and this is the perfect place to commence your Peruvian ‘journey’. Rest up though, because Machu Picchu is worth your energy. To have Ruben’s experience and knowledge with us was a complete privilege. I feel like we would have missed so many of the mountain’s ‘secrets’ without him! The next day I was determined to climb Wayna Picchu; I think everyone should at least once in their lives. We ascended in a cool, grey sky and by the time we got to the top it was showering quite heavily. It didn’t even slightly dampen our elation though; selfies were taken and slaps on backs were issued in abundance after the hour-long hike at mostly a 70 degree incline! The climb down was through the most beautiful (and slightly eerie) cloud and fog and made for some dramatic photography. Worth every step.
— Priscilla, Peru
My trip to Peru with Shamanic Space was very special. Not only is the atmosphere, history and landscape of the country truly magical but the emotional journey Michele and Ruben take you on is incredible. Through their support and the use of natural plant medicines I was able to release myself from past hurts and beliefs and move forward with my life. I feel mentally and physically lighter and am now able to look to the future with more clarity than I have had in years. I look forward to exploring more of Peru and travelling with Michele and Ruben again very soon.
— Andy
Rubén looks at me with baleful eyes, “the medicine is not for tripping” he says and of course, I know he is right. I have to confess that my initial interest in the whole Ayahuasca thing was generated by reading about the powerful experiences that so many people have had when working with these magical jungle plants. But as soon as I started to read a little further and to prepare for this trip it became clear that the images and visions are but a small part of what we can learn working with Michele, Rubén and the quite amazing local curanderos they introduced us to.

First of all, it’s a fabulous trip in some of the most beautiful, vibrant and exhilarating country in the world; mountains, forest, ocean all breathtaking. Then there is the cultural side, guided by Rubén himself a perfect ambassador for his beloved Peru and a considerable scholar of its history, legends and art. There is the opportunity to meet working, native Peruvians going about their traditional business in so many different settings and all happy to share stories and knowledge with us, since we come under the guidance of Rubén.
And of course, there are the medicine ceremonies; extraordinary, intense, magical, loving, energising, teaching, comforting, enlightening. Of course, it’s not for tripping, it is that too but so much more.

Thank you both for a unique trip to a country I knew well and loved already, but not in any way to compare to this.
— Paul
The reason I went to Peru is that I wanted to release a lot of sadness. I always wanted to go to Peru but I wasn’t sure who to go with because it’s a big deal and I wanted to feel safe. As soon as I met Ruben I thought, “This is it, Michele and Ruben are the real deal.” I felt like I was going with my Mum and Dad, I felt very safe. So I went there and came back and literally a month and a half later I was pregnant, so for me there was definitely a big difference between the before and the after.
— Valnetina

“I was given insight and clarity into issues that I had struggled with for a lifetime.”


Peru is a really stunning place; great sceneries, beautiful ancient traditions, delicious food! But to me, the biggest treasure this country has are its people! We were greeted at the airport and taken care of by Oscar and his lovely, huge, warm smile. We couldn’t have received a better welcome, what a wonderful embrace! We were blessed by Don Jose and his beautiful wife during the Despacho ceremony. It was such a magical night, I felt effortlessly connected! We were lulled into the spiritual sphere by the all loving Heberth during the ceremony of sound: Apu yaya!! We were accompanied in our physical and metaphysical journey by the sweetest man in the world: Pepe!! Such a kind soul! We were taken for walks in the jungle and trips on the river by the skilful and handsome Victor, a true Amazonian king! We were guided through the ayahuasca ceremony by the great Don M. who kept the “señorita” dancing for us all night. His sweet Icaros will resonate in my soul to the end of time.
And then, there was Rubén…..

My encounter with Rubén has been the most natural and fulfilling experience. Since the very first time I saw him, I immediately trusted him, I felt at home. His presence was powerful and yet very comforting and reassuring. He guided me through my inner journey with wisdom and love just like a father would! And, to top it all off, we laughed like crazy all the way as he has a cracking sense of humour!! Throughout the trip, each of these special people made me feel cared for, protected, guided, energised and most of all LOVED. So thank you to everybody, in particular to Michele for being a luminous bridge to this magical and yet ever so real world.

My dear Michele, firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing Peruvian experience! As I said before, it has been the best thing I have done in my life, after Ella of course! One of the highlights of the trip was when you started singing during the St Pedro ceremony held at night. Your sweet, beautiful voice made my soul melt into the energy of the universe. It was such a magical moment that even though I knew it was your voice, it felt like it was coming from another world!!
— Velia
Dear beautiful Michele and Ruben and spiritual guides, Nadyne is usually quiet and chooses when to interact but we were both surprised by how she felt at ease within the group. She did confess to me that Ruben reminded her of her grandad in the sense that they looked alike and that explains how it seemed sometimes that we have known him for a lifetime. Nadyne followed Ruben like a little duckling.

Thank you for your love and care and our lovely trip with celebrations and joy. Where was your amazing singing loving voice hiding? That was a real treat, Michele!
I may not need to mention the particular spiritual experience since I have an idea that you know about it in someway. I am very happy that I was able to go through this experience along with your support. Who else would I share the experience of looking at a mountain and bursting into tears? Because it wasn’t just a mountain, it was the strong spirit of the mountain and mountains of the areas that we visited. I wouldn’t know where to begin. It will be nice though and also as another part of the enlightment and spiritual growth that I received which is priceless.

Lots of love and a big hug,
— Nadyne and Orlanda

“Extraordinary, intense, magical, loving, energising, teaching, comforting, enlightening…

Thank you”


The trip to Peru in July 2011 proved to be a turning point for me in my energy and within myself. This trip of personal transformation was safe and funny every day; all the details practical and personal got taken care of by our guides and teachers so well. Michele held space and group throughout so beautifully; on arrival Ruben carried us in his warmth and humour everyday while our guides Victor and Oscar took care of the nuts and bolts.

We went from Amazon to Machu Picchu in the physical world and for me this journey happened in my heart also. I want to do this soonest again, when life allows.
— Jill, shamanic practitioner
The most profound and life-altering experience. It has placed me before my path. Now I need to do the work to make it happen.

Learning the different cultures and traditions of the locals in Peru. The ancient sites and powerful energies they all held. Michele and Ruben really know what they are doing. Such a beautiful adventure. Everything was absolutely perfect, would not have changed a thing. Will be coming back for sure.

Thank you so much for the most amazing, mind-blowing trip I’ll ever have.
— Clayton, Peru
It was an honour to be in Rubens company. He was a truly authentic, inspirational and remarkable being to be in the presence of. I loved that he made us do the work because putting it into practice there and then was so powerful. I was so intrigued by all the exercises and although I have done a range of different and similar things, I felt deeply connected and able to commit fully to the exercises. The sound really takes me to another dimension. Several times, I had a wave of emotions come over me just through sheer happiness and Jules and I skipped down the street as we left on Saturday.
I would absolutely love to do more events with you because I absolutely loved it. I thank you both, wholeheartedly for all that you give and all that you share....
— Katie, Workshop
It’s difficult to put into words what an amazing transformational journey this retreat with Shamanic Space was. it couldn’t have been more comfortable and convenient (and fun.) From the time you land in Lima, all of your transportation, lodging and dining needs are included, freeing you to kick back and enjoy what an exotic beautiful place Peru is, that you really are on the Amazon River in the Amazon Jungle and to focus on the amazing inner adventure on which you are about to embark.
The Lodge is an idyllic spot whose employees couldn’t have been warmer or more hospitable. The rooms were comfortable, the food was amazingly gourmet and the maloca was deluxe.

Ruben’s encyclopedic knowledge of history, archaeology, flora and fauna and Michele’s expertise in trans-personal psychotherapy and psychotropic plant therapy combined with the warmth and humor possessed by both make them a dream team.

If a shamanic journey, is on your radar and you are seeking a safe space in which to make it happen, I recommend doing yourself a favor and going with Ruben and Michele-they are the real deal.
— Joel
Michele Costa is an exceptional individual. She combines intelligence, warmth and extraordinary empathy with piercing intuition and a genuine ability to think outside the box. I cannot recommend her kindness and amazing insight highly enough.
— Susan, Writer / Poet
Thank you for this amazing adventure. It’s been a fantastic journey in every dimension. The country surpassed my expectations, the people- local and our lot- were friendly, generous, kind, fun and sharing. I am still in a ”Peruvian mood”, not so much hazy as ecstatic almost. I try to appreciate everything I got and be in the moment and be kind to myself (my Ayawaska’s intention). I can see that life in London is constantly challenging my mood but so far I am the winner! I keep looking at the pictures and telling friends and family about this trip. I hope to go again.
— Alina

“Beyond anything I could have expected. I am still basking in the glow of well being.”


I have been attending groups, workshops and one to one sessions with Shamanic Space for some years now. Michele, Leandro and Ruben are all gifted practitioners, teachers and healers who share their knowledge and experience freely and facilitate life changing experiences.
— Suzanne
I’m not really confident words can do justice to my Peru experience. This trip has affected my life in ways that I am still trying to comprehend many weeks after my return to London. One thing I can definitely say, though, is that this is no ordinary tourism but a profound opening unto a world of wisdom, intuition, friendship, and, above all, healing.

I only have feelings of gratitude for Michele and Ruben for making all of this possible, for taking such good care of all of us and for bringing us closer to the great tradition, the mystical culture, and the heartbreakingly beautiful nature of Peru.

My mind still lingers on the tremendous energy of the jungle and my heart remains grateful for the sincerity and devotion of the healers who led our ceremonies.

Michele and Ruben, thank you so much for this unique journey!
— Chryssa
The experience from start to finish was enjoyable. Michele and Leandro were there whenever we needed them. The space felt peaceful and them medicine helped me with my intention and more. The circle and sharing was an important part of the event which I got a lot from.
— Stephen, Psilocybin Retreat
I feel so blessed to have been able to do this. I know my life has been changed for the better. It’s been life-changing, mind-expanding, consciousness growing, heart opening, challenging, inspiring, moving. I’m grateful for every moment.

The San Pedro Retreat was such an incredible experience. Working with the plant medicines under the guidance and wisdom of Michele and Ruben has been life changing. To work in such a beautiful setting with such beautiful people opened my heart to what can be possible in life…I will definitely be joining Shamanic Space on as many of their retreats as possible!
— Cassie
When I first went to see Michele I was not feeling confident about anything, least of all about my relationships with my family and with my fiance. I was extremely worried about getting married – a ‘runaway bride’.

However, after a good few months of therapy with Michele I am so happy to say that I got married to the best man in the world about three weeks ago and all my worries had gone. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of our wedding day and can safely say that this was down to the help that Michele gave me.
— Jen
Pura Vida Michele.
Thank you and Ruben, for a fabulous adventure. Your planning, and taking care of all details, made the trip run worry-free.
I am planning now for November 2017!
— Micheal
Thank you for your continuous support and inspiration. Everyday I’m blown away by how much you have helped me. You are a truly unique person.
— Anna
A very relaxing, peaceful experience. The group was great and I absolutely loved the retreat centre. I managed to release with the San Pedro’s help.
— Karen, San Pedro Retreat
A wonderful, positive experience. The cooking was excellent and the facilitation was safe and felt so held. I felt so lucky to be amongst such experienced people. Everything was perfect.
— Michael, Psilocybin Retreat
It is already 2 months that i am back from this wonderful deep dive in Peruvian Amazonian forest. And I am still assimilating all the knowledge, learning and feelings that this trip offered to me. I cannot emphasize enough that the key of success of such an experiences is human based, so I would like to thanks 1000 times Michele and Ruben, their dedication to our progress, their sensibility to always be attune to our needs (either physical or spiritual) and their mastery of organization. Thanks to them , it was a great adventure on multiple dimensions, visiting the country, getting close to the local tribes, learning about Peru history, as well as a great spiritual travel. Moreover this has been an opportunity to have new friends and a real life impacting experience for all our group, I did appreciated all of them for the light they shared with me on my path. Looking to renew the experience in a not so far future…

Cela fait déjà 2 mois que je suis rentré de ce merveilleux voyage au fin fond de la forêt amazonienne du Pérou. Et je suis toujours en pleine réflexion sur les connaissances et ressentis que ce voyage m’a apporté. Je ne pourrais jamais suffisamment insister sur l’aspect humain dans un tel voyage et c’est pourquoi je tient à remercier 1000 fois Michel et Ruben pour leur énergie, leur attention et leur amour pour nous, prenant grand soin de nous (à la fois physiquement et spirituellement) et bien-sûr pour leur sensé de l’organisation. Grâce à eux, cela a été une grande et belle aventure sur tous les plans, visite, tourisme, anthropologie, histoire et voyage spirituel. Sans compter le plaisir d’avoir de nouveaux amis et une expérience de vie unique pour chacun de nous, j’ai beaucoup appris de tous et je souhaite tous les remercier pour leur conseils, échange qui ont éclairés mon voyage. Dans l’attente de renouveler l’expérience dans un futur proche…
— Floris

“I am basking still in the glow of well-being.”


Beautiful, effortless and awe-inspiring! An amazing trip, filled with magic and surprises. It was wonderful to be guided through so many eye-opening experiences and excursions, completely relaxed & safe in the knowledge that I was in excellent care.

Meeting the local Shaman and Amazonian tribe were major highlights from the trip, although it is hard to pick favourite moments when the whole trip was so special. Memories and experiences that will last me a lifetime! Thank you.
— Fiona
A lovely experience from the time we were picked up, so well organised and very relaxing. I felt very at ease, loved and safe – the heartwarming food equally added so much to the experience. To share space with such a lovely, supportive group of people – the connection that was quickly established, the openness, everyone felt safe to express. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words that meant a lot.
— Carla, Psilocybin Retreat
I felt so well held during this retreat, Michele and Leandro consistently showed exquisite care to us all. The setting was just perfect. The group integration work created real warmth. We were very well informed throughout. The music used in the ceremony was delicious and our meals lovingly prepared by Leandro were celebrated symphonies.

The ceremony brought with it incredible release and beautiful heart opening. Each moment stretching out into bliss, even through pain. As Michele pointed out to me at the time, “it is all love”. Gloriously expansive love. Thank you to Leandro for your great efforts to look after us all, for your huge enthusiasm, for sharing your knowledge and experience and laughter, for being so present and available throughout. Thank you Michele as always, for your great wisdom and for the lessons you impart with such grace. With an intention amongst other things, on bringing in the feminine: I particularly enjoyed laughing and smiling throughout my heart with Michele, when she said with an amused twinkle in her eye as she held space for me through deep grieving, “Well you asked for the Feminine”. This still makes me laugh.

Michele said “your tears wash into the stream” And with this I was able to experience in its fullness that grief comes to us in waves, our tears flow into the streams, the rivers and finally back into the ocean and then it washes over us again. And when the tears come, it is a relief and a beautiful pain because it is all love and it cannot be tethered.

I loved reconnecting with the wonderful friends I made in Peru and some of the people I had met at Michelle’s during shamanic circles.
— Rosie, Psilocybin Retreat
In the most beautiful setting, total peace and quiet...the perfect space to be able to quieten your mind and open your heart.
I felt very supported through the whole weekend and extremely safe. I was supported through the exercises encouraging transformation, I’m feeling strong enough to cope with the changes. In fact, I’m excited for where this will take me.
Thank you so much Michele, Rubén and Leandro. It was perfect.
— Jules, San Pedro Retreat

“This is no ordinary tourism but a profound opening unto a world of wisdom, intuition, friendship, and, above all, healing.”


I always enjoy my time at Shamanic Space. Workshops with Ruben and 1:1’s, circles with wonderful people, learning about traditions based on connection to our inner self, opening up, healing, dealing with emotions, allowing ourselves to feel and to connect. Never ending list. Ruben and Michele always help me to feel safe and supported
— Tanaz
Ruben and Michele’s workshops are incredible; their drumming circles and shamanic teachings are beautifully relevant and help to simplify life so much. I always learn something magical. Thank you both.
— Lynne
Great weekend, great space, great medicine. I appreciated how well Leandro and Michele held the space in such a beautiful way. It was just such a great balance. The food was lovely and well thought out for working with the medicine. I am in complete awe of the level of care and support of the weekend and so glad I came. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Hassan, Psilocybin Retreat
During Ruben’s workshop, I felt immense relaxation and openness. It was wonderful to share the experience within a group and with so many nice people, who were equally submerged in light, sound, love and happiness. Ruben’s traditional Peruvian sounds and music created a trusting and magical atmosphere.
— Lynne
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being in my life. Lots of love
— Helen
I feel so happy, and wanted to share this with you. Thanks for all the help you are giving me !!
See you next time
— Bruno
It is difficult to express how this magical trip affected me. I was anxious, unconfident, closed off and somehow judgemental person when I arrived in Peru. From the first day I began my transformation journey and now I am not the same person. I credit these changes to Ruben & Michele who so well organised the trip, all other loving people who supported us during the journey and other fantastic people in our 12 persons group. I only now realised how sceptical I was about the healing qualities of the medicine plants. I have healed and enlightened. For the first time in my life I discovered my spirit, I now feel MYSELF. I finally feel what love and trust is! (I also noticed that a glass I had in my foot for 4 years disappeared!). I’m also aware that there is more work I need to do and Ruben & Michele are definitely the best guys to do it with.

After the experience, I only now understnad how important is to take part in ceremonies with trusted people. Whatever I go or whatever I do, the experience will always remain in my heart. If everyone in the world would have the opportunity to experience what we did, the world would be a much better place!
— Aga, psychotherapist, Peru
Thank YOU Michele – the hollow reed to bring spirit through – I feel so much lighter and more peaceful, I look forward to working with you again, with love and laughter
— Caroline
Words seem to be inadequate and unable to do justice when describing my Peru initiation with Michele & Ruben who run Shamanic Space. They both bring a magical, down to earth, heartfelt holding with the safest of hands.

The healing traditions, from Machu Picchu to the Amazon Jungle as well as the desert was simply breathtaking. A month back from the trip and I am still processing with wonder the healings experienced and I must say that I feel lighter, more alive, and up for living with love and gratitude this business called life.

If you want to show up for yourself, your loved ones as well as life’s wonders, then this is the trip for you.
— Amanda, Peru
The adventure of a lifetime that will always remain bright in my heart! It has been a year since my Peruvian adventure and I have gained so much from my time with Ruben and Michele. My life has begun to shift, energy is moving, cobwebs have been cleared and I know this is due to the wisdom of the plants and the wonderful healers we met on this unique journey. This trip gave me such a profound insight not only into my own life, my own energy but also the collective energy of the universe. A beautiful relationship is born!

Working with Ayahuasca and San Pedro was a life-changing experience - very beautiful, insightful and liberating. Thank you, Michele and Ruben, for holding ceremony with such care, sensitivity and strength. I felt so safe and supported. The setting for each ceremony was so beautifully chosen and added so much to the experience. Thank you.

Ruben’s passion for sharing the traditions of Andean healing is a joy to experience and his tour of Machu Picchu is remarkable. It is quite a wonder to behold and the view from Huayna Picchu is breathtaking - certainly worth the climb!

Every moment was so beautifully held from the jungle to the mountains. Peru truly is a magical land and it was an honour to share with such wonderful, supportive individuals brought together by Michele.

I feel blessed to have shared such a unique journey with you all and I look forward to the reunion. I know I will return to Peru.

Thank you for this magical journey.
Thank you for everything.
— Anna
It was an amazing 18 days in Peru. I usually plan my own travelling but I am so glad I decided to take Michele and Ruben’s Magical trip through Peru.

From the moment I landed in Lima, both Michele and Ruben and Oscar, provided transportation, permits, clean upscale lodgings, fabulous meals, great archaeological sites, from 12,000 feet of Machu Picchu, to 4 hours up the Amazon river to sample plant medicine and swim with the pink dolphins. Ruben has so much knowledge, he guided me through my internal exploration with the plants, as well as answering all my questions. It was a life changing experience and I am planning to go with them again. Happy trails! Namaste,
— Michael
I have not the words to express to you my real feelings, you have been my guiding light. Thank you with all my heart, I could not have found such happiness without you.
— Emily
The jungle is where I truly fell in love with Peru though. Words cannot possibly do it justice. I could spend the rest of this lifetime and maybe the next in the Amazon. Seeing ‘Margherita’ on the first night, climbing the outside wall of one of the cabins was pure luck. Although it’s fair to say that it’s quite difficult to miss a Tarantula of her size! She is magnificent. After playing around in the waters of the Amazon during the day (looking for Pink Dolphins and smearing mud all over ourselves while channelling some unknown jungle goddess or ‘Survivor’ winner), you’ll wear out quickly and be happily exhausted by the evening. The orchestra of the jungle is in full swing as you fall asleep; no fake sound machine could ever replicate this… Ever!

You’ll be lulled to such a sound slumber by a symphony of frogs, crickets (and probably a million other little creatures), only possibly woken by the pitter patter of cleansing rain and distant rolling thunder moving across the jungle under the cloak of darkness. But this too will envelop you with such a beautiful connection to the jungle. You can hug a baby sloth, you can even shoot a dart gun with a tribal elder (and maybe even hit a bullseye on a poor, unsuspecting block of wood like me… #hiddentalentsrevealed) but it’s the jungle that you’ve probably come to for the key part of the experience. For it’s here that you’ll do Ayahuasca.

I imagine everyone’s experience will be drastically different; but there’s no doubt that the Amazon will leave her indelible mark on all who do this experience with Michele and Ruben.
— Priscilla, Peru
I had lost my darling husband a couple of months before being fortunate enough to meet Michele. 2013 had been a shocking year and I desperately needed the kind of love, compassion and gentle, wise counselling Michele provided.

I also had the incredible good fortune to experience the Shamanic Peru Tour with Michele and Ruben which helped me to continue releasing the pain and sense of loss. I have been greatly nourished and strengthened from knowing these two loving Shamans. Thank you both with all my heart.
— Diane
Thank you dearest Michele, for all you taught me. I think about you and your kind wisdom every day. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met you and hope to introduce many people to your wonderful ways.
— Rachel

“Shamanic space provides real tools for finding your way back to harmony and joy!”


I wanted to thank you and Ruben for the amazing two days at the beginning of this year, and the wonderful healing with Ruben.
I have come away from the shamanic healing weekend much more connected to my body and stepping out of fear and more into love. Thank you. I will definitely be back again next year assuming Ruben still comes to do another weekend. Until next time much love.
— S.E
I have worked with Michele Costa for a couple of years now - and when I say “worked”, this is what I actually mean: if there ever was a long-standing, out-of-sync situation that for some reason refused to resolve itself, I would take it over to Michele, with an intention to allow the right solution to present itself.

Michele would then provide a safe place, a wise council (based on many years of experience working as both a therapist and a shaman), and act as what I can only describe “an intention amplifier”, so that the bothersome matter would quickly and easily resolve, as if by magic and in the best interest of all concerned. And once that’s done, you’re free to get on with your work (and get on with it you must).

One thing I’d like to add is that Michele is the big guns. It would never occur to me to sweat the small stuff in front of her (alright: it did occur, but I tried not to act upon it), or bring her anything I myself haven’t already processed to death, and yet it would still come back to haunt and mock.

Shamanic Space is the only place I know where I can safely release those ghosts, for once and for all.
— Olga
Blessed with gratitude after attending Ruben’s workshop. The group worked beautifully together, there was a real sense of solidarity amongst us all. Ruben holds the space with ease. There is nothing pretentious in his teaching, quite the opposite, he is possibly the most down to earth extraordinary person I have ever met. Love to you both and thank you for the experience.
— Adam
When I left for Peru I wanted to heal from a long-term illness. For a few weeks prior to departure, I became pretty busy customising my people back home with my lack of presence. Basically, I didn’t tell anyone back home that I’d gone because I felt what I was going to do was a private matter. They still don’t know – and I feel they don’t need to know. Even if I wanted them to know the nature and value of the experience is largely indescribable.

However, on my return, the feedback I had from people back home was: Some people didn’t recognise me and curiously I had to tell them my name. People came out of shops on my home street to talk to me (not previously known). All others commented that I seemed very: grounded, calm, funny and/or seemed remarkably well. I feel lighter and worlds better than I was, I am very pleased I went and given the opportunity, I would go again. Thank you Ruben and Michele!
— Tindi
Michelle told me before the journey that whatever is meant to happen will happen; I’ve worked with Michelle for nearly a year, she’s a woman of incredible integrity, what she says I know I can trust. She’s a wise woman…
I’m sure for everyone the experience will be different – for me it gave me something back, like a part of yourself you’ve forgotten or lost. It gave me back a connection with my father and helped me to deal with a heavy sadness.
— Nina

“A subtle, personal, individual and unique experience for you to discover for yourself.”


Without Michele, I suspect I may have spent years repeating unhealthy patterns and time-old mistakes. I first met her during a very difficult break-up; I’m convinced that her guidance and insight not only greatly reduced my rehabilitation period, but also enabled me to greet new love with an open heart and uncluttered mind. Michele taught me a huge amount about myself, about my relationships with others, and about human nature. Her calm, wise words often echo in my ears when I’m confronted with a difficult situation. Her warm manner, engaging mind and fantastic sense of humour meant that sessions were relaxed and natural. I never felt awkward or observed, and went home in a positive frame of mind, sometimes even joyful, and certainly always filled with hope that Everything Would Be OK.

Simply put, going to see Michele was the best decision of my life. Today I am happily married- something I’m not sure would have been possible without her. My husband often asks me the question “What would Michele do?” and I count myself incredibly lucky and honoured to have met her.
— Rachel, Musician
My experience with Michele has had a profound effect on my mental, spiritual and physical health. Through her Shamanic work, Reiki, her deep wisdom of spirit and the guides she works with, I have ‘experienced’ remarkable healing and have reached a happier and more conscious state of being, which has improved my life and those around me.

At the end of every session, I feel a serenity, strength, consciousness and awareness. Ultimately Michele’s work comes from a place of love and light which I experience and I take with me into my daily life. I highly recommend her sessions.
— Mickey, yoga teacher
I can’t find words to thank Michele for her work with me. She shared with me her profound knowledge of psychology and a deep understanding of self. I see her as a very bright and vibrant personality - but most importantly, extremely caring and attentive to the fragility of the other. She tirelessly questioned small, and seemingly ‘unimportant’ moments of my actions, words and thoughts. Through facing and acknowledging them, I started walking very small steps on a different path.
Now, two years later, I see how these steps drew a different picture of my life - brighter, more grounded, and profoundly happier.
— Ruta
What an exceptional healer and individual…
Working with Michele has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. At a time of considerable stress and uncertainty, our meetings helped me get back in touch with that still space within from which all the love and mysteries of this world outpour.

Ever since, my perspective on life and my own purpose have been profoundly altered as I am beginning to tread territory I have always wanted to explore but was too fearful to venture into.

Thank you, Michele, for lighting my way. Thank you for your kind care and inspiration and for sharing your enthusiasm and sheer life force!”
— Chryssa S
Leandro and Michele are remarkable, generous and gifted healers, who held and guided me through such profound spiritual experience that I have no words. All this in a wonderful space with beautiful people. Go and see, go and see.
— Suzanne, Psilocybin Retreat

“Michele and Ruben are truly dedicated to the sacred tradition and I felt safe and nurtured during our San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies. It was just amazing.

My experience with San Pedro and Ayahuasca was beyond what I imagined, very beautiful, life-changing.”


Michele’s Reiki sessions are a wonderful relaxing experience for the body and mind. Using the sound of slowly evolving rhythmic patterns and subtle native fragrance, she takes you out of the rushed tempo of everyday life into a timeless world, then through the mere proximity of her hands to the areas of the body she senses are stressed, creates a feeling of warmth and healing, while the sound of indigenous drums played in the room complement the rythmic relaxation of the music and sensation of well-being! A truly immersive, delightful and relaxing experience!
— Al, Advertising Executive
My experience with Shamanic Space has been transformative in all ways imaginable. From individual healing sessions with Michele and Leandro, to monthly Shamanic Circles with diverse groups of people with a similar mind-set, to the absolute trip of a lifetime with Michele and Ruben in Peru, I could not recommend them highly enough!!

In my experience, their professionalism, breadth and depth of knowledge and warm and sensitive support make them unique in their field. With and through them, I have been blessed to find the most wonderful Shamanic family, who I have no doubt will continue to nurture me and help me develop in all areas of my life to the best of my ability.
— Rebecca
A wonderful weekend. I felt so supported. Thank you for the healing, your wise words, the amazing food, great company and wonderful medicine. I will definitely be coming back for more self-exploration. A big thank you to the team – Michele, Leandro and Anna.
— Elizabeth, Psilocybin Retreat
A most amazing experience! I had a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to all the wonderful developments from this.

Michele, Rubén and Leandro have been the most caring and attentive group leaders and I am extremely grateful. All three of you have been amazing. The information shared was really important to me, I think without it I would have struggled a lot more with expectations and questions popping up in my head in all the wrong times.

I loved how relaxed everything was - there was no pressure to attend everything, that was very important to me and actually allowed me to be there for almost everything. My favourite moments were the night ceremonies with the chanting and rattling. I felt so held and protected and invited - it’s unbelievable how quickly I responded to that. I loved the place, the rooms, the bed, the bread and jam! Thank you!
— Eva, San Pedro Retreat
Truly an incredible experience. From the beautiful countryside to the wild Amazonian jungle, Peru was full of adventures and fun. The food, severed with sweet smiles, was outstanding. And the bundles and bundles of continuous laughter throughout the whole amazing journey.
— Siobhan, Peru
Michele, Ruben and Leandro provide an amazingly open and safe space to work on oneself. They provide the safety to completely let go. It was amazing to work with the plant medicine embedded into traditional ceremonies that provided context and reference points for integration. I enjoyed the gentleness of the plant teacher and the sessions. I could choose wheat to look at and work on. I resolved a lot of issues. I loved the interactions with Michele, Rubén and Leandro with conversations that went very deep. There is so much to be learnt from the three of them and they are very eager to teach when asked. Thank you for everything.
— Lars, San Pedro Retreat

“You have worked tirelessly to provide a beautiful experience for all of us and for that we are all thankful.”


I am so grateful for Michele and Rueben’s work and I highly recommend working with them.
— Rosa
Brilliant intuitive and deeply helpful healing to be had here. Helped tremendously. Highly recommended for those seeking deeper or just needing insightful, empathic help.
— Adey
Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found you. Yesterday was a powerful and important day for me. Thank you for all your support and inspiration. Life has become very different with your help.
— Anna
I would just like to say THANK YOU for the amazing experience that I have been on throughout the psilocybin weekend. The cooking; colourful and textured tastes were an experience in themselves made with love by Leandro to enhance the whole beautiful experience.

Without any expectations but with full trust and guidance I was allowed to undertake something wonderful that felt like being reborn. So many things that I experienced will now be taken and reprocessed to allow me to grow into a more caring, loving person and to appreciate the planet and all upon and within her.

Both Michele and Leandro assisted in the release of so much that I am so grateful for their assistance in aiding my acceptance of life and growing from this process.

The group also needs thanks as without everybody creating their space and allowing their process it would not have been so wonderful.
Thank you.
— Reg, Psilocybin Retreat
Thank you for the wonderful Andean Circle yesterday, I felt a lot lighter afterwards.
Lots of love,
— Reka
The event brought an amazing interaction of people in the same group. From this, we were taken on a discovery journey with San Pedro medicine led by Rubén, Michele and Leandro. This safe and loving environment supported us in our self-discovery of love, identity and mystical meaning.

From the lovely premises and country house to the lovely care of our hosts I felt this was a much-needed retreat. I enjoyed being in nature; the trees, the plants, animals, the sun. The love from Ruben, Michele and Leandro through their loving and caring way of ensuring everyone was ok on this journey. The trio have a touching way through their music and voices, amazingly talented.
Thank you for my ancestors for being present!
— Orlanda, San Pedro Retreat
My main motivation for this pilgrimage was to continue the work with teacher / medicine plants in the traditional environments and genuine settings, Results, for me, were beyond anything I could have expected.

Everything during the voyage was a wonderful bonus; history, archaeology, sites, the Amazon, people we met, the extraordinary healers we had the chance to work with. It was wonderful to be with Michele, Ruben and the rest of the group. I am basking still in the glow of well-being.
— Vladimir
Peru-420 (1).JPG

“Peace, freedom of mind and joy”


A wonderful weekend full of love, healing and sharing. An invaluable opportunity to take part in a psilocybin medicine ceremony with highly experienced, supportive and safe facilitators. The love, care and attention all three of you shared to us all was incredible. The food was incredible, the setting beautiful and the way in which the ceremony y was held with the music was perfect.
I love your retreats and hope to join you in many more. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.
— Nina, Psilocybin Retreat
The psilocybin weekend was a profound and extremely healing experience. If anyone wants to expand their consciousness and explore the dark and light in a safe and wholehearted environment with the inspirational guidance and protection of great healers; this is for you. Beautiful people; a beautiful experience.
I highly recommend it.
— Cassie, Psilocybin Retreat
You have truly had such an impact on my well being and life that live with me forever.
— Katherine
Thank you for all your wonderful insight, knowledge, skill, wisdom and love, and giving me the choice to move on with such ease and simplicity to move and become a free spirit-I feel so much happier.
— Annie
It was a life-altering and eye-opening experience to say the least. Treking all across Peru and getting to see every aspect of life and the immense diversity changed my perception of reality.

Reconnecting with my brother and finding myself was a very deep and meaningful experience. I also learnt a great deal about the dynamics of the community; Seeing and feeling the light and love.
— Alex
What a beautiful people, thank you Michele, Ruben and Leandro, most warm and kindest beings I’ve ever met. I’ve attended some workshops in past, for me personally they have worked magic and were very healing, same as I’ve been blessed and privileged to be able to travel to Peru with them and it’s been a life changing experience in the best possible way. Thank you very much.
— Petra
I am grateful and honoured to have met Michele and Ruben and been able to spend time with them again this year on one of their amazing Shamanic Healing Workshops. Their work is life changing and I cannot thank them enough for their love and healing and wisdom. Shamanic space provides real tools for finding your way back to harmony and joy!
— Serap
A very special weekend, I felt safe enough to go very deep and release a lot. It was beautiful to connect with people I don’t know as well as with traditions and practices that resonate so strongly with me. I can tell the work was good and clean by the feeling of centeredness I have now. A lot of shifting and some really good tools to work with.
— Joseph

“The tour was life changing for me, it opened doors that I might never have reached through therapy alone and I came home a changed person, no longer ruled by fear.”


This was such a beautiful experience. Such a wonderful group of people and once again, the setting, food, ceremony, support, love and care was magical. A dream.
I loved having the free time to go into the forest on our own. This was so wonderful. Connecting with Nature before the ceremony helped centre my mind before doing the work.

The actual ceremony was once again truly heart opening and life-changing. I felt loved and supported for the whole of my time here. It’s such a beautifully organised retreat. I love also the welcome circle on the first night. Thank you.
— Cassie, Psilocybin Retreat
Incredibly interesting, rewarding, special and lovingly delivered. Revelatory. Brilliantly structured and impeccably well organised. Catering was just f***ing awesome! You guys were truly brilliant.
— Lee, Psilocybin Retreat
I was invited to Ruben Orellana’s two-day workshop and I was somewhat dubious. As we all know weekends are sacred in London and my only time away from long hours at the office. I was also very nervous to be in a group situation with other people more “experienced” at meditation than my hectic self. I decided well if Saturday is unbearable I can always ring in sick Sunday!

The first thing that struck me about meeting Ruben was for a small gentle man was his huge energy and sense of peace which filled the room. I can truly not find any other word to describe him than “peace” as this is what he represented to me. During the morning of the first day, I felt an immense feeling of calm and clarity I usually only feel after a two week holiday back in Australia. I felt I could let myself smile. I felt I could be a little easier on myself and I truly believe there is no where else I wanted to be that weekend. Finally I understood the power of meditation.

Since meeting Ruben I have continued to add his reasonable and practical practices in to my day to day life and it has made a true difference to how I cope with various situations and pressures. Thank you Ruben and thank you Michele.
— Lisa, CEO Rehab London
I gaze in wonder and amazement at life with a fresh pair of eyes and am grateful for all my experiences with you and the group this past 2 weeks. Thank you with all my heart.
— Chris

Dear Ones,

I don’t have words

but tears–
of gratefulness.
They are for you….
May you be blessed–

In eternal gratitude.


I want to begin by thanking Michele Lukis, my dear friend and spiritual guide for giving us all the great opportunity to experience Peru and all its wonders in a way that we certainly wouldn’t have been able to with any other organized tour. The amount of beauty and love we were all able to feel and absorb is indescribable; the light, the colours so vibrant and vivid.

We were beautifully taken care of and guided through a journey of love, compassion and self discovery, completely catapulted back in time to the great Incas and all their breathtaking archaeological sites; way up on the mighty Andes all the way to the steamy heat of the jungle where we were able to meet and work with the local people and understand their way of life and traditions.

This was my second visit to Peru, definitely a stronger experience. I felt I could reach a bit deeper within, I had the sheer feeling the spirits were allowing me in a bit further. It felt like home. Observing Michele and Ruben working together around us was pure magic. The amount of work, love and energy they invested in holding the group was enormous and yet seemed effortless. They had the capacity to guide us and help us through our own personal journey, let alone the practical side of organizing and directing every move, flight and ceremony. Simply amazing work.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and love to Michele, Ruben and all the fantastic people we met during the trip. I’m surely coming back next year ready to take in more beauty and learn all there is to learn from those marvellous places and people. Infinite light and love to all.
— Mickey
Michele is a true healer, in every sense of the word. When I went in for a session, I had no idea what to expect. If I had any trepidation, it instantly melted away the second I walked through the door of Michele’s healing space.

Michele knows exactly how to create a perfect, healing vibe, put the client at ease, and set the scene for one of the most transformative healing experiences I’ve ever had.

It’s been years since that very first session, and I’m STILL receiving gifts and takeaways that I received in that transformative session. I’m so grateful to Michele, and I HIGHLY recommend her.
— Megan, Actor / Director
Thank you for your continuous support and inspiration. Every day I’m blown away by how much you have helped me. You are a truly unique person.
— Ana
As we continued our adventure after the jungle, it was Northern Peru that surprised me the most. I hadn’t done too much research into this area, so when we reached the Pacific Ocean in time to play witness to a huge, lazy sun sinking low in the sky; just taking it in over the roar of the waves was enough to stop us in our tracks.

El Brujo will blow you away too. This was a very special place for me for my own private reasons, but you will be hard pushed to not admire it’s archaeological importance too. I found it completely moving… very powerful. ‘The hacienda’ will be your absolute slice of heaven in the north! Kick your shoes off and wander around in the velvety grass; dive into the pool (or another hammock) and totally relax. Here is where I found my bliss. Totally. Found. My. Bliss. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I figured out what was important to me. I looked at plants. The sky. Birds. I shut my eyes and listened to the wind in the palms and the native birds. I even recorded the sound on my phone so I wouldn’t forget it. I was totally ‘present’ here. It was a combination of both my immediate surroundings and a culmination of the ‘journey’ I had taken to get there.

Together they created this magical place and I dare anyone not to feel that way about it.

This magical trip changed me. I’m still me. I’m just a different me. I went with an open mind and I got everything out of this trip that I wanted (and more).
Without a doubt I will return - I need another baby sloth to cuddle and I’m sure Margherita is waiting for me!
— Priscilla, Peru

“To experience such presence, service and love is a life-changing experience. After this trip you can’t help but see the world and yourself differently.”


Working with Michele is a creative, magical and enriching experience. She is wise and kind. During each session she creates a sacred and safe space in which it is extremely easy to open up to healing. She artfully balances and integrates amazing flights of esoteric exploration and expansion with the nitty-gritty practicalities of the here and now.

My experience of Michele is that she is fearless in following her calling and walking her path as a therapist, healer and teacher; she does so with integrity, joy and a sense of humour. She is blessed with intelligence, curiosity and endless creativity; she is continually learning and growing and deepening her practice. She brings a wealth of energy, experience, references, techniques and tools to a session, and shares them with generosity and sensitivity.

What Michele has taught me, what she has given me in my life, is more than I will ever be put into words; her gifts stays with me, her teaching continues to work on me deeply, and profoundly influence the person I am becoming.

Michele walks in beauty and vibrates with light; she is a remarkable human being. I will always be hugely grateful to have worked with her. It is my great pleasure to be able to recommend her work on this website.
And for anyone reading this who is about to work with Michele – Congratulations! You are in for an absolute treat.
— Sui
I consider myself very fortunate to have found Michele and when one day she casually presented an itinerary for the Shamanic Tour of Peru I knew it would be something special. I had a truly wonderful time with so many unique experiences that would not be possible without Michele and Ruben. It was a genuine privilege to spend time immersed in Ruben’s knowledge and insight of the country, the traditions and of course his experience with the plants.

That first tour was life changing for me, it opened doors that I might never have reached through therapy alone and I came home a changed person, no longer ruled by fear. The following year I returned for the Intensive Ayahuasca Retreat which was also amazing, a deeper experience building on the work of the first.

If you have an interest in working with plant medicine but are perhaps a little apprehensive about taking a leap into the unknown, I really can’t recommend Michele and Ruben highly enough. You will be challenged, but you will also be held and supported in a loving, authentic environment, in a small, carefully chosen group. That simply cannot be said for all tour operators – it is, after all, a jungle out there.
— Paul
I first travelled to Peru with Michele and Ruben in 2011 and the experience was so incredible I had to go back again! The second trip was as outstanding as the first. Travelling to Peru in the safe, knowledgable and loving hands of Michele and Ruben is an absolute blessing. I will never forget these life-changing visits to the magical country of Peru. With all my heart, THANK YOU!
— Fiona
Peru-407 (1).JPG

“Thank you for all the magic, wisdom and healing you bring into my life.”


This trip offers a truly unique perspective on Peruvian Shamanic tradition. Guided by Ruben, himself a shaman, we visited different regions and met with the local Shamans, participating in ceremony and witnessing how this healing tradition has evolved in different parts of Peru. To experience such presence, service and love is a life-changing experience. After this trip you can’t help but see the world and yourself differently. Thank you Michele and Ruben for a wonderful trip. I’m planning to make it an annual event!
— GM, Executive Coach
If you are looking for a guided tour of Peru, this trip is not for you. If you are looking to experience another world and another culture in ways that will illuminate your own life, then this visit to Peru is probably what you need… To see Peru through the eyes of Ruben (anthropologist, archaeologist and Shaman); to experience the support and guidance of Michele; to make that trip in the company of interesting and like-minded people is to learn to find yourself. Be open to what is to come. Recognise how your life may accelerate. And enjoy this wonderful opportunity.
— Kathryn - Lecturer/Writer
I would like to share my experience with Leandro and Michele during the Psilocybin ceremony in Amsterdam. I was in a state of real struggle and my experience in Amsterdam has been life-changing. The ceremony was held with so much love and although I was with a group of complete strangers I felt and still feel part of a big family. I felt very safe in this sacred circle. My experience was about releasing, with tears, with laughter and I feel forever changed by the divine connection I experienced there. I reconnected to my heart and shifted from an angry, arrogant being to a vulnerable and gentle me which I absolutely love being.

Michele and Leandro are exceptional at what they do, very humble in service and always leave you with so much love. The accommodation and food were great, very healthy and soulful.

What a gift. I never worked with psilocybin before, I would certainly want to do it again with them. Thank you both for what you give. Love you loads.
— David, Psilocybin Retreat
Words can’t describe the profound experience I had attending the Andean energy workshop held by Ruben and Michele. These opportunities to work with an authentic Peruvian Shamanic master are very rare. With kindness, warmth and humour Ruben guided us through a series of Shamanic journeys and exercises and we were given an experience of healing, both physically and spiritually.

Michele holds the space through her knowledge and understanding of healing energy interventions. I wholeheartedly encourage you attend one of their workshops and make the most of a rare opportunity.
— Jim, Body Stress Release Therapist

“For the first time in my life I discovered my spirit. I finally feel what love and trust is!”


The work I have done one on one with Michele has totally been life-changing. Working with the plant medicines in Peru, Spain and Amsterdam alongside it over the past couple has healed my life in a way I never thought was possible. Shamanic Space are in my opinion the best platform for this type of work in the world and Ruben, Leandro and Michele are incredible teachers, healers and some of the most beautiful, compassionate people I’ve ever met. Time after time they’ve created safe and authentic spaces to do deep healing work whilst being held and supported through the process. I

owe so much to them and their continuing excellence as Shamanic practitioners and cannot recommend them more highly.
— Cassie
Wise and kind in nature, Michele’s empathic understanding of one’s needs is truly touching. The classes I’ve had the pleasure of attending have been great fun and highly motivating, her guidance on a personal level is both profound and inspirational
— Mez
I am truly grateful to have been able to work with Michele and Leandro on the recent Amsterdam retreat. They created a safe and supportive environment in which to bond with like-minded spiritual individuals, take part in Shamanic and Celtic ceremonies and to do some deep psychological work to address some deep-rooted trauma and challenge some of my rigidly held precepts about myself with the aid of psilocybin.

The psilocybin ceremony was truly enlightening in every sense. I was given insight and clarity into issues that I had struggled with for a lifetime. Michele is a highly skilled psychotherapist as well as Shamanic practitioner and Leandro is a very skilled healer in the Shamanic and Celtic traditions. Each ceremony we took part in was beautiful and meaningful and lovingly held. We had the opportunity to process and integrate our experiences in a circle the day after the ceremonies and I will continue to work with Michele as my psychotherapist to process and integrate what I learned. There is no one I would trust more to do this valuable work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Anonymous
I first visited Michele in July 2016. Having been stuck in a stupendously frustrating situation for more than seven years, I needed some serious help. A few days later, and seemingly out of the blue, the situation resolved itself. It was a miracle, as far as I was concerned. I then looked at my modest, yet bothersome list of stubborn patterns I clung on to for dear life, despite knowing full well that they brought me nothing.

I plucked out the one that was costing me the most and bombed it up M25 to Michele’s.
‘It’s got to go,’ I said.
‘Fine,’ said Michele. ‘I’ll do my bit, but then you’ll have to do yours.’
Done & dusted — the intimate relationship I was in at the time dissolved without the usual drama, or regret. Finally, I was free, and not only from this particular relationship but from every other similar relationship-pattern that came before it. And how do I know this?
I just do.

It was on the strength of these experiences that I decided to join Michele and Ruben’s Jungle Adventure. Having been a strictly independent explorer in the past, I did have my reservations about suddenly becoming part of an organised travel expedition, having to play nicely with other children, act according to (choke) itinerary, and shock horror – make small talk (at least in the UK we can always fall back on the weather idiosyncrasies… in Peru, well, how many times can you say, ‘Es otro día soleado’ without losing the will to live?). As ever, this spoke more about me than anyone else.

In reality, Michele and Ruben proved to be the most kindly, generous, knowledgeable, as well as knowing, hosts that I would trust with pretty much all things, including my life. Which, on some crucial level, is exactly what I did, and they were there for me, every time. And as for the rest of our group, suffice to say that heart connections allow precious little room for small talk, but plenty of room for laughter, love and pure, unadulterated joy. So… when do we go back?
— Olga

“My perspective on life and my own purpose have been profoundly altered as I am beginning to tread territory I have always wanted to explore but was too fearful to venture into.”


Amazing journey within and without. It was truly magical, every day loaded with exciting experiences. I felt safe and supported all along. More than that... Michele and Ruben made everyone feel special. I am grateful to have met them and the group I travelled together with. Will be back.
— Reka
I’ve attended two Shamanic Space tours of Peru, three years ago and again last November. There are many highlights of these trips: the visual stimulation of the Andes, Machu Picchu, the Amazon jungle and all sorts of interesting ancient historic ruins to be amazed by. But that’s not the point, merely part of the experience. The real reason for going is to find meaning and direction – a subtle, personal, individual and unique experience for you to discover for yourself.

During the tours, we utilized a combination of light, sound, masculine and feminine natural occurring energies and psychotropic plant medicine to expand our consciousness and shift our perception. For me, this was transformative and opened me up to a separate reality that now sits above life on the physical plane and holds true resonance.

During my first Ayahuasca ceremony, I met “mother” in the form of an anaconda, everyone I have ever loved and finally myself in a loving embrace. This was a deeply healing and pivotal moment in my life. I was ready, open and willing and went in with no expectations. I recommend you do you same. Everything I experienced in ceremony was merely a reflection of where next to tread on my path of happy destiny.

Since working with this medicine my life has changed. I have changed. Self-centred fears that held me back for years, causing great pain, have been faced and overcome. I have learned not only to change my perception but also my situation.

Yes, I made friends, saw some incredible sights, swam with dolphins and held ceremony at sacred sites, but what really matters is not what I experienced in Peru, but how I have changed since my return home in respect of – work, family life, relationships, finances, personal shortcomings and all manner of challenges. These changes have made it all worthwhile; they take longer to seep through, but in my experience, true meaning lies beyond face value.

The Peru tours opened me up enough to have a good look inside of myself and make a start on that journey.
— Adam
Thanks to you and Ruben for a wonderful weekend of learning and healing. It feels like such a gift to have been a part of it.
Sending love and hugs,
— Grainne

“To see Peru through the eyes of Ruben; to experience the support and guidance of Michele; to make that trip in the company of interesting and like-minded people is to learn to find yourself. Be open to what is to come. Recognise how your life may accelerate and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.”


Thank you for all your support and inspiration. Life has become very different with your help.
— Anna
The retreat was beautifully organized. Leandro and Michele couldn’t have worked any harder to ensure everyone got the most out of the experience. I was grateful for Michele and Leandro’s support during the ceremony and their awareness of when I needed help and when I need to be on my own.

I appreciated the practitioner’s honesty about their experiences and the discussion following the ceremony was fascinating as it allowed us to see each other’s inner world.

I enjoyed the space, it was perfect, like a mini Peru. I enjoyed the food and the energy of the group. I enjoyed being given the freedom and lack of constraint on what we could and couldn’t do. Thank you.
— Lucy, Psilocybin Retreat
I found a piece of paper the other day with a list of my dreams on it. I must have written it in one of your sessions. Two of the most important ones have come true!!!! I’m 32 weeks pregnant – we’re expecting a baby boy in March. We have also bought a house & will be moving in a few weeks time. So everything is falling into place! How different things are from a few years ago!

You were a rock for me during some difficult times & I can’t thank you enough for all your help over the years. Much love,
— Anna
This was a beautifully held, yet challenging event for me. I couldn’t fault the safety, support and integrity of all aspects of the workshop. Magnificent.

The medicine was a challenging experience for me, but it was well held to meet that. Thank you for the quality of the facilitation, the great accommodation, the kind group of people. Great love and blessings to you all!
— Amanda, Psilocybin Retreat
Once again, extremely useful, beautiful and enlightening. This is my second psilocybin retreat this year, it was totally different but gave me exactly what I needed. Beautifully organised and I loved the accommodation! Beautiful.

The circle felt really in depth, a lot of wisdom, advise and encouragement. Leandro, Michele and Anna have crafted a perfect retreat. I’m filled with love, hope, warmth and peace.
— Cassie, Psilocybin Retreat

“The most profound and life-altering experience. It has placed me before my path. Now I need to do the work to make it happen.”


I have such wonderful memories of our trip to Peru! It was such a special time and one which I know will keep on giving, both physically and emotionally – we have so many fun and unique memories stored up in the ‘memory bank’ for the future.

Thank you for organizing such a great trip and of course for bringing me along for the ride – Words cannot express my gratitude to you for everything.
— Louisa
An overwhelming sense of joy, happiness and love from the psilocybin weekend. It gave me everything I could have wanted personally and more. The organisation, attention to detail and care, the knowledge and loving care both Michele and Leandro give through the weekend and of course the journey! I don’t think there is much more you could do - such a great experience.
— Thomas, Psilocybin Retreat
The journey I travelled on…was incredibly moving and uplifting, and at all times I felt safe. Going into it with an open mind, the experience gave me vital tools to face the on-going challenges that I was facing at the time, and I still draw on things I learnt now. I found them full of kind, genuine and true spirit. I would recommend them and the entire experience unequivocally.
— Claire, writer / journalist
I deeply loved the whole experience. Both days of the workshop were wonderful, deep, intense. It was a journey that allowed me to get more deeply in touch with myself, my emotions, feelings, body, brain and soul! There was so much release, healing, understanding. Now I bring home the tools so I can keep working on myself.
— Miriam
Thank you for your work and Ruben’s this week end. It was totally unexpected to have experienced such a journey. I thoroughly enjoyed such peace, freedom of mind and joy. I am grateful to you. A warm hug,
— Orlanda, Workshop
I felt truly blessed to have worked with Michele and Ruben on this incredible, life changing journey to Peru. The trip was seamlessly organised and both Michele and Ruben are deeply passionate about their work. They are both extremely professional as well as nurturing and compassionate... I look forward to to my next adventure with them.
— Tanya, Peru
Everything was beautiful and supportive. Thank you for giving each of us group and personal time before the experience. It enhanced the trust and comfort for the experience. Thank you for holding the space and coming to each of us when needed, even though I didn’t at times know I needed the help or the energy.
— Justin, Psilocybin Retreat
Thank you for everything you have done for me. You got me through!
— Judy
Well planned and very cared for. Food was amazing, thank you Leandro! I enjoyed being in a ‘tribe’, being part of the very strong, empathetic, open hearted group, a place where you can be yourself, open and vulnerable with all the support and love you need. Thank you Shamanic Space.
— Natalia, Psilocybin Retreat