Shamanic Space was founded to create a bridge through Shamanic healing and journeys from the modern world of our clients to the indigenous Shamans and Inca wisdom of Peru.

Fifteen years ago Peruvian born Shaman and renowned archaeologist Dr Rubén Orellana PHD had a chance meeting with American psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis in the Amazon Jungle. After an accident which required a life-saving spinal operation, Michele had journeyed to the jungle to work with Ayahuasca and later to the highlands to work with Wachuma (San Pedro). Since what her neurosurgeon calls ‘a miraculous recovery’, Michele and Rubén formed Shamanic Space with the intention of offering safe and small Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonial retreats in Peru. From the Amazon Jungle to the high country we are honoured to work exclusively with renowned and highly experienced indigenous Curanderos and Ayahuasqueros in traditional ceremonies. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and therefore we maintain small groups to allow for more individual care and attention.


Over the years Shamanic Space has evolved to include shamanic workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe and New Zealand offering safe and legal opportunities to experience the profound healing benefits of working with the sacred plant medicines.

It is our honour and privilege to hold space, set and setting on your journey to healing.



“What I have discovered through archaeology and anthropology has supported what I know as a healer and both paths have led me into what you call shamanism. My training also helps me to translate the Andean traditions so they can be understood by Western society and in this way to preserve the wisdom of my land.”

Dr Rubén Orellana PHD is a Peruvian born and trained shaman who has made significant anthropological and archaeological contributions to the study and understanding of the Andean way of living. As the Director of the Institute of Inka Research (Inika), he is dedicated to researching and valuing Andean culture.

Born in Cusco, Rubén has been following the shamanic path since the age of nine. His career as an archaeologist culminated with being named Head of Archaeology at Machu Picchu where he discovered forty-four new sites surrounding the Crystal City, including the North Inca Trail. For these discoveries, he was on the cover of Time Magazine in South America. Rubén has lead extensive research into the mystical aspects of many significant sites and uncovered the true use of many temples in the empire.

Rubén has held ceremonial tours of Peru since 1976 and has brewed for many psychonauts including Terence McKenna who referred to him as ‘the Indiana Jones of Peru’. He has been interviewed in Ross Heaven’s books Cactus of Mystery and The Hummingbird’s Journey to God in which he is described as the ‘Maestro of San Pedro’ and has been featured on Medicine Woman among other documentaries for the Discovery Channel.

Rubén feels that his role as a scientist and a Shaman is to bridge between the indigenous Ayahuasqueros and Curanderos (Shamans) and the modern world. He continues to combine his experience with his excitement for the work and his deep love for all people into a vision of subtlety and divine power.



Michele Costa Lukis is a Shamanic practitioner, Transpersonal-Psychotherapist, plant medicine woman, Reiki Master and spiritual healer based in London. She has spent over forty years studying spiritual and psychological healing, including the study of Shamanic traditions from around the world. For over twenty-five years, Michele has run a psychotherapy and shamanic practice in London, in addition to teaching workshops in meditation and Shamanic studies. She holds a monthly spiritual and healing circle and regularly leads plant medicine and shamanic workshops throughout Europe and Peru.

Michele is a native Californian who studied at the University of California. At twenty-two, Michele turned to the Berkley Psychic Institute to begin her training in higher awareness and went on to earn a diploma in Psychotherapy from The Psychosynthesis and Educational Trust. She has studied and continues to work with spiritual teachers both indigenous and in core Shamanism. Her spiritual journey has taken her through North America, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, Fiji and to The Sacred Trust in England. Michele’s most influential mentors include Nan Beecher-Moore with whom she studied for twenty years, Dr Rodger Woolger, Simon Buxton, Piero Ferrucci, Dr Gabor Maté M.D and Dr Rubén Orellana PHD of Peru. Michele is deeply indebted to her indigenous teachers of the Amazon and Andes.

Michele’s work reflects her diverse background and her commitment to helping others on their journey to healing and empowerment. With the help of Ruben, Michele works to bridge her clients with the indigenous wisdom keepers of Peru. She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and is committed to living and practicing the Principles of Integrity as described by the society. Michele is actively involved in providing Ayahuasca and other medicine plant aftercare and is committed to helping people to integrate and process their experience of the medicines.


Michele’s recent interview with Dr Aaron Balick and Nathalie Nahai for their podcast, ‘Seeking The Self’, in which she discusses her relationship with Ayahuasca and the events that lead to her shamanic path.

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Born and raised in New Zealand, surrounded by the ancient and inspiring beauty that is Tongariro National Park, Leandro shares his core Shamanic teachings in a form that is respectful of all practitioners and cultures; taking a universal approach that is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Harner.

Leandro leads our New Zealand tours drawing on his expertise as a scout, shamanic practitioner, chef, men’s group facilitator and wilderness guide. Leandro works with Michele Costa Lukis as a Shamanic Practitioner in London offering one on one healings and holding monthly Andean Circles where he teaches shamanic principles. He also runs weekly men’s groups for personal empowerment and leads shamanic walks of consciousness through the woodlands of the UK.

Apprenticed in Peruvian Shamanism to Maestro of San Pedro, Rueben Orellana (PhD), Leandro has been working with traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the high country of Peru. He studies Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust. Leandro’s work is based in a strong belief that we are all connected and therefore we should all show love and respect to one another. His efforts for the future are to bring men back in touch with nature and to fully realise themselves as conscious men.