Healing, self-transformation, expanded consciousness and self-development are all possible outcomes of working with Psilocybin in an appropriate setting with a well-focused intention. Psilocybin opens you up to communicating with nature, unleashing your creativity, delving into your shadow and connecting with Spirit. It is possible for individuals to experience visions in addition to lasting effects on depression and anxiety. For those drawn to working with Ayahuasca, we often recommend working with psilocybin to begin your relationship with psychedelics.


Rock paintings from Spain dating back 6,000 years reference the mushroom Psilocybe Hispanica being used in ancient spiritual rituals. Mayan and Aztec civilisations consumed Psilocybin as part of their spiritual practices. It is believed that the word teonanácat meaning ‘flesh of the gods’ in Mayan refers to the hallucinatory mushrooms they used to communicate with spirit.

Ethnobotanist and author Terence McKenna theorizes that psychedelic mushrooms played a huge role in the evolution of our species. He writes that the mind-expanding and ego-dissolving effects of the mushrooms contributed to our intellectual and conscious separation from other primates.


Psilocybin, the active compound found in ‘magic’ mushrooms and truffles is a powerful psychedelic. As recently as 2016, Dr Harris of the Imperial College London held a research study investigating the positive effects of Psilocybin finding the effects to include increased states of connection, appreciation and understanding as well as lasting effects on depression, anxiety and trauma. Psilocybin can bond with the brain’s serotonin receptors to induce hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, connection to nature, ego dissolution and enhanced creativity. 

“Everyone’s experience with psilocybin is unique and my own experiences have differed every time. Psilocybin has the ability to open different pathways of thinking, bringing forth new perspectives on our lives and, in this way, it helps us to overcome blocks in ways we may not have been open to in the past. Self-empowerment, an opening up to one's creativity and a sense of connectness to all things sets us on a highway to personal happiness and a deep founded sense of abundance and grace for life and all its gifts both big and small.”


Under the guidance of psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis and shamanic practitioner Leandro D’Andrea, we will learn from psilocybin within a supported shamanic cermony with the intention of healing spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Our approach is to work with psilocybin in a safe, holding manner to allow each individual to find what they need from the medicine and to release what no longer serves them.

Due to the nature of the compound psilocybin, we hold one ceremony over our weekend retreat. It works on the body in such a way that it is still with you for 48 hours, although you will be back to a fully functional state within 4 - 6 hours after ingesting psilocybin. The remainder of the retreat is spent preparing the group, helping you to focus your intention and integrating and processing your experiences.


Prior to working with psilocybin, Leandro and Michele hold a welcoming and cleansing ceremony for the group as we settle into our new space. A large part of working with psilocybin is the sense of connection and community; we work within the circle without the medicine to experience other shamanic healing techniques and to call in spirit and set up the space for our work. We also offer the opportunity to walk through the local woodlands to spend time in nature, taking in all the detail of the Dutch Countryside prior to ceremony.

Before ceremony, an in-depth discussion and workshop on Psilocybin is held to introduce an understanding of its structure, the psychoactive compounds and its historical and shamanic uses. We follow this with a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of psilocybin and set our intentions in working with the medicine. The intention grounds you in working with psilocybin and places the emphasis on healing rather than 'tripping' which ultimately distracts us from the profound insights and deep healing the plant can provide. Michele and Leandro are always on hand to help you refine your intention for ceremony or to answer any other questions you may have.


Psilocybin is found in many different fungal spores including mushrooms and truffles. We will be working with the truffles Psilocybe Tampelandia which are legal in Holland and have a powerful hallucinatory effect, bringing you in close contact with spirit. The dose for each individual is determined by the healer as directed by spirit. Psyilocybin is not neurotoxic or addictive and has been proven to have a low risk to the user.


The ceremony will be held in the late afternoon as the light begins to fade. Penumbra light allows you to truly see; to go into deep meditation, move backward and forward in time and to journey deeper into healing. Many refer to this as shadow work. In this time the veil between the visible and invisible world is thin and sometimes non-existant.

We begin the ceremony indoors in a large circle with enough space to allow for everyone's own experience. In the warmer months, we open the opportunity to be outdoors, however, our recommendation is to work indoors with mindfolds (provided) as in the dark we can travel more deeply within to experience the profound healing psilocybin can provide. Whilst connecting with nature through the medicine can be a beautiful experience, it can distract us from working on a deeper level within our shadow.


Our psilocybin retreats are held legally in our carefully chosen location in the Dutch countryside. Leandro and Michele cleanse the ceremonial space before use and work harmoniously to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere whilst in ceremony. Whilst we are in circle during ceremony, each individual is given their own personal space to explore their relationship with psilocybin.


Following ceremony, psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis holds a processing and integration circle to reflect on what psilocybin may have brought forth for each member of the group. Bringing her years of experience in working with plant medicine and over 20 years as a therapist, Michele helps each individual to interpret the teachings of the plant which may appear as metaphors and symbols. If you would prefer not to share your experience you are welcome to do so. Michele and Leandro are always available to discuss any elements of the work in private should you wish.


Our primary concern is always the safety of our group members during their time with us and beyond. We are known for our unblemished record and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You may wish to take a look our testimonials page.

We maintain working within small groups of no more than 14 to allow for maximal individual care and attention with psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Michele Costa Lukis and shamanic practitioner Leandro D’Andrea holding space for the group throughout the ceremony, offering support and guidance when needed. Read more about Michele and Leandro here.

“I’m filled with love, hope, warmth and peace…a profound and extremely healing experience. If anyone wants to expand their consciousness and explore the dark and light in a safe and wholehearted environment with the inspirational guidance and protection of great healers; this is for you. Beautiful people; a beautiful experience. I highly recommend it.”







In addition to our small group retreats, Shamanic Space also offers one on one psilocybin retreats for those wishing to explore the medicine in a more private manner.