Healing, self-transformation, expanded consciousness and self-development are all possible outcomes of working with Psilocybin in an appropriate setting with a well-focused intention. Psilocybin opens you up to communicating with nature, unleashing your creativity, delving into your shadow and connecting with Spirit. It is possible for individuals to experience visions in addition to lasting effects on depression and anxiety. For those drawn to working with Ayahuasca, we often recommend working with psilocybin to begin your relationship with psychedelics.

Psilocybin is found in many different fungal spores including mushrooms and truffles. We will be working with the truffles Psilocybe Tampelandia which are legal in Holland and have a powerful hallucinatory effect, bringing you in close contact with spirit. The dose for each individual is determined by the healer as directed by spirit. Psyilocybin is not neurotoxic or addictive and has been proven to have a low risk to the user.




“Without any expectations but with full trust and guidance I was allowed to undertake something wonderful that felt like being reborn.”

Under the guidance of psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis and shamanic practitioner Leandro D’Andrea, we will learn from psilocybin within a supported shamanic ceremony with the intention of healing spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Our approach is to work with psilocybin in a safe, holding manner to allow each individual to find what they need from the medicine and to release what no longer serves them.

Due to the nature of the compound psilocybin, we hold one ceremony over our weekend retreat. It works on the body in such a way that it is still with you for 48 hours, although you will be back to a fully functional state within 4 - 6 hours after ingesting psilocybin. The remainder of the retreat is spent preparing the group, helping you to focus your intention and integrating and processing your experiences. We also work within the circle without the medicine to build a sense of community for the short time we are together and to experience other shamanic healing techniques.

Throughout the weekend, Michele and Leandro are always with the group to offer support and guidance when needed. Michele, who has over thirty years as a trained psychotherapist in London, holds a processing and integration following ceremony to help each member of the group interpret their experiences with the medicine.

Whilst the work may be profound, there is always time for fun, laughter and great food!



Michele Costa Lukis and Leandro D’Andrea will hold space for the group.

Michele brings her expertise of over twenty-five years as a transpersonal- psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner whose work has led her around the world, studying many varied traditions. Michele’s work reflects her diverse background and her commitment to helping others on their journey to healing and empowerment. She has her own practice in London and regularly holds workshops in the UK and Europe in addition to working alongside Dr Rubén Orellana as a guide in Peru. Michele is actively involved in providing Ayahuasca and other medicine plant aftercare and is committed to helping people to integrate and process their experience of the medicines.

Apprenticed in Peruvian Shamanism to Maestro of San Pedro, Dr Rubén Orellana, Leandro has been working with traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the high country of Peru. He studies Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust and has worked alongside Michele Costa Lukis for the past five years as a shamanic practitioner in London offering one on one healings and holding monthly Andean Circles where he teaches shamanic principles.

Through their combined expertise and knowledge Ruben, Michele and Leandro help their clients on the path to health, well being, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. They work in harmony to remove blocks and life obstacles at source, restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit, providing the tools to release what no longer serves you and to integrate the learning from medicine into your daily life.





20th - 22nd September (Full)
13th - 15th December (1 space available)


10th - 12th January
27th - 29th March
24th - 26th April
12th - 14th June
18th - 20th September
23rd - 25th October
11th - 13th December

“The psilocybin weekend was a profound and extremely healing experience. If anyone wants to expand their consciousness and explore the dark and light in a safe and wholehearted environment with the inspirational guidance and protection of great healers; this is for you. Beautiful people; a beautiful experience. I highly recommend it.”
“I was in a state of real struggle and my experience in Amsterdam has been life-changing. The ceremony was held with so much love and although I was with a group of complete strangers I felt and still feel part of a big family. I felt very safe in this sacred circle. My experience was about releasing, with tears, with laughter and I feel forever changed by the divine connection I experienced there. I reconnected to my heart and shifted from an angry, arrogant being to a vulnerable and gentle me which I absolutely love being. Michele and Leandro are exceptional at what they do, very humble in service and always leave you with so much love. The accommodation and food were great, very healthy and soulful. What a gift. I never worked with psilocybin before, I would certainly want to do it again with them. Thank you both for what you give.”


  • One ceremony with psilocybin lead by shamanic practitioners and a trained psychotherapist with over twenty-five years experience in a safe environment within a small group

  • Processing and integration circle with psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis, who regularly works in medicine plant aftercare

  • An opportunity to explore local woodlands and connect with nature prior to ceremony

  • An introduction to psilocybin workshop

  • Group cleansing and extraction work

  • One on one assistance if required in finding your intention when working with the medicine

  • Vegetarian meals in keeping with working with psilocybin created by a trained chef

  • Beautiful accommodation in the Dutch countryside

  • Transfers to and from the airport

* Please note the fee does NOT include travel to and from The Netherlands, travel insurance, airport tax or personal spending.

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This retreat is limited to 14 places.

All accommodation is shared between 2 – 3 people 


The cost is based on 3 days and 2 nights.




If you are unable to attend our group ceremonies or wish to work with psilocybin in a more private manner, we offer one on one supported and legal ceremonies in The Netherlands working with dates that suit you. Psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis and shamanic practitioner Leandro D’Andrea will hold space for you throughout the weekend, preparing you for ceremony with one hour theraputic sessions and shamanic work. If this experience resonates with you please send us a list of dates that suits you.



  • 3 hours of one on one therapy with transpersonal psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis

  • Healthy vegetarian meals prepared by professional chef Leandro D'Andrea

  • Two nights accommodation in a countryside location a short distance from Amsterdam

  • Taxi from central Amsterdam to your private location

  • Medicine and private ceremony

  • Space held by two highly experienced shamanic practitioners

  • Lead morning practices of yoga, qi gong and meditation

  • Aftercare with one on one processing and integration with transpersonal psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis




Please enquire about prices if you wish to share this experience as a couple.